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What we really do?

We are an organization of people with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of our customers, dealers and employees. Animal feed suppliers is a proud company that grew with the nation throughout the twentieth century. The lives and achievements of those who built Animal feed suppliers, personify the pioneering ambition and spirit. By converting low-value biomass into high grade products thanks to insects (species: Hermetia illucens – Black Soldier Fly), animal feed suppliers technology represents the missing link in our global food chain.

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Our Vision

As a leader in the Animal Feed nutrition industry, We will serve livestock and poultry producers with research-based and proven animal feeding solutions – supported by skilled employees, dealers and sales staff who are accountable to the ongoing success of our customers and stakeholders. To guide a responsible, aware, forward thinking company, we strive to measure all we do to meet our five Guiding Principals:

Constantly seeking for new collaborations and partnerships.

  • Investing opportunity
  • R&D collaboration
  • Distribution network
  • Sustainable organic bioconversion solution for your company
  • Interested in joining our team
  • Orders or information about our products
  • Any question about Animal feed suppliers
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History of Beginning

From research and development, to delivery and mill operations, to dealer service and transport, we strive to hire the best of the best. With over 11 years of quality, proven results-backed feed inside the bag, along with responsible business decisions and leading industry innovations have strengthened our company over time. We are proud to have helped grow livestock herds, poultry flocks, back yard animals and pets – and we couldn’t have done it without committed, ag passionate people who continue to strengthen Animal feed suppliers and support the farmers and ranchers day in and day out

Thomas Snow CEO/Founder

Joshua Baranov Client Care

Anna Kowalsy Support Boss

Anthony Doe Delivery Driver

Susan McCain Packaging Girl

Better for everyone.

We support on-farm animal welfare practices at all times.
We consider the impact on the environment in all we do. Reducing our footprint and choosing the most responsible options wherever possible.

A people business!

We strive to ensure our people know they are appreciated, they understand what is expected of them and they have the tools and training to excel at their responsibilities.
We support future farmers. Youth are the future of our changing industry and through programs and sponsorship’s we are committed to supporting their development.

Awareness & Action

We expect safety compliance 100% of the time. Safe workplace practices for all employees is of utmost importance.
Bio-security and animal health protocols are followed daily and reviewed regularly with high level attention and actions at all times.

Supporting Customers

We support customers with nutrition programs, exceptional products, thorough research and development, animal health advice and industry expertise through genuine, knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

What can we do for you ?

Please fill out the contact us form on the contact us page. We aim to respond within 1 business days of receiving your query.

We supply top quality lap tested and approved animal feed. browse our website to view more about our products.

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